SEER-ZetaSafe is excited to announce that we have created an affordable monthly package for small businesses. By answering a few questions with our account managers we can have your digital compliance system set up often within the same business day. Your software system will include;


1 Handheld License

Any device (ex. smartphone, tablet) can be used onsite once your account is set up. Once your system has been set up, your account manager will assist you in getting your specific device activated.

20 Barcodes (Assets)

We call barcodes assets. You will receive up to 20 barcodes to place on various compliant oriented items (ex. fire extinguishers, electrical panels, & water pumps). You then can apply specific task list to each barcode.

Up To 3 Locations

Want to put barcodes at more than one location? No problem. With the help of your account manager you can set up multiple locations depending on what needs to be maintained and tracked.




Email Alerts

Any data that is in the ZetaSafe system that has been synced can be monitored from and admin dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to set up schedules, alert you, and allow you to export reports.

Photo Media Upload

One of the most liked features in ZetaSafe is the ability for technicians and engineers to upload a photo to any task result. Just snap a picture using your mobile device and upload to the ZetaSafe software.

Admin Dashboard

Through the admin dashboard the user is able to have access to over 20 widgets and graphs each attached to a specific location. The dashboard can be customized to your admins or organizations preference.

Technician Training

Technician training starts with the initial startup. One of our trained team members will assist your managers, technicians, and engineers through a variety of online presentations and conference calls upon request.

Document Library

ZetaSafe has the ability to create structured folders that store documents so the admin can stay organized throughout the year. Any team member that has access to that location can view these documents.

Online & Phone Support

Our support team is available from 9am-6pm Monday through Friday by phone or online. Any issues that may arise will be addressed right away with urgency and accuracy. Support documentation available upon request.



Wondering if ZetaSafe can be utilized for your industry? Our software is used in almost every industry around the globe. Here are just a few industries that use ZetaSafe everyday to stay in compliance.



ZetaSafe ensures health and safety compliance for construction sites – ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget without any complications.


Leading pubs, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities use ZetaSafe to maintain quality standards and protect brand reputation.

Healthcare & Hospitals

The ZetaSafe software is utilized throughout hospitals and private healthcare organizations to ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Local Government

Local authorities and many housing associations use ZetaSafe to ensure safety, compliance and asset productivity across large and diverse estates.

Facility Managers

Facilities Management providers have contracts with a variety of clients in different sectors. ZetaSafe can be adapted to meet each of your potential contract’s needs.

Food & Beverage

ZetaSafe uses HACCP principles to help prevent critical failures and remove hazards in the facilities management of your premises.