Here are a list of items that your account manager will be requesting from you.


List Of Users

Create a list of admin and handheld users that will be using the ZetaSafe platform within your organization.

List Of Locations

Your SEER-ZetaSafe account manager will need to know the specific locations of where the software will be used. For example building A, fire extinguisher 1.

Barcode List

Identify the items that you would like to apply a barcode too. Each barcode will have a specific task list assigned to it.

Task List

Each barcode will have a specific task list attached to it. Please gather any task list or forms that are currently used so you can provide this information to your account manager when requested.

Hardware Requirements

ZetaSafe can be used with desktops, laptops, mobile, and handheld devices. iOS and Android devices are supported.

Test & Demo

Once your build is complete, highlight specific calendar dates that you would like your SEER-ZetaSafe account manager to test and demo with your team.



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