The smarter way to manage compliance

Efficient, transparent and accountable, with powerful reporting that highlights real-time compliance.

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Register an asset or task

Quickly and efficiently capture all assets into the system using barcodes and the cloud based software. For compliance tasks, the same process is followed, capture your activities that need to be completed for each asset type.

Schedule your tasks

Consider your risk based activities, legal obligations and industry best practice when developing your compliance scheme. Tasks are scheduled to be completed at set intervals; daily or every 10 years… you always know when a task is due.


Tasks are scheduled, so they need to be completed. Using a smartphone, tablet, PDA or desktop, your team can efficiently complete the scheduled tasks. If an out of spec result is captured, an email is sent immediately with an action to be tracked and closed.

Review results

Viewing your compliance data is easy. Log on to your live dashboard and view task completion and compliance. This visibility improves accountability, which in turn improves performance.

Mange actions

No more reviewing reports to assign actions. Actions are sent automatically to the team member for remediation.


Information is accessible 24/7 for intelligent analysis via customisable dashboards. Highlight trends and priorities, create reports and simplify scheduling. With dozens of pre-set reports, management time is freed up.


All tasks, actions and certificates are held on the system. Audits are made simple as key information is accessible in real-time at the touch of a button.


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