Compliance for ALL sectors

ZetaSafe enables Estate, Asset, Facilities and Health & Safety Managers to protect the people, places, assets and reputation of over 1000 organisations – ensuring compliance in areas such as water hygiene / legionella (Acop L8 and HSG274), fire safety, emergency lighting, HVAC and gas & electrical safety.


25% of UK universities and many independent schools and colleges use ZetaSafe to protect their pupils, staff and buildings.


ZetaSafe is used by NHS hospitals and private healthcare organisations to ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.


Leading pubs, restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities use ZetaSafe to maintain quality standards and protect brand reputation.

Local Government

24 local authorities and many housing associations use ZetaSafe to ensure safety, compliance and asset productivity across large and diverse estates.


ZetaSafe addresses the health, safety compliance challenge for the retail sector – protecting brand image across often geographically spread estates.

Food & Beverage

ZetaSafe uses HACCP principles to help prevent critical failures and remove hazards in the facilities management of your premises.


Maximise your productivity by using ZetaSafe to manage compliance – ensuring no unscheduled interruptions to your processes and production.


ZetaSafe ensures health and safety compliance for construction sites – ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Asset Managers

Harness the power of ZetaSafe to manage health, safety and compliance and unleash potential revenues from your Assets.

Estate Manager

ZetaSafe manages the compliance across all of the buildings, grounds and equipment in your estate – ensuring your health and safety obligations are met.

Facilities Managers

Facilities Management providers have contracts with a variety of clients in different sectors. ZetaSafe can be adapted to meet each contract’s needs.

Service Providers

ZetaSafe arms Service Providers with the platform they need to meet the safety, compliance and asset productivity needs of their clients.

Trusted for over 20 years

ZetaSafe is used by over 1000 organisations across all sectors, including: universities, hospitals, councils, retail and hotels