ZetaSafe – The smart solution for water hygiene service providers

ZetaSafe provides end to end management of water hygiene for service providers

Real-time visibility for water hygiene service providers and their clients

  • Input ad hoc or scheduled samples, checks/inspections and temperatures from equipment and carry out water risk assessments using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Immediate alerts with warnings, failures, Risk Assessment recommendations and trending. Ability to add supporting comments and/or photos.
  • Synchronise data securely with the ZetaSafe cloud, where actions are prioritised, escalated and automatically sent to users.
  • Information is accessible 24/7 for intelligen
    t analysis via customisable dashboards. Highlight trends and priorities, create automatic reports and simplify your scheduling.
  • Consolidate data and trends across multiple sites, giving enterprise wide visibility of monitoring contracts and Risk Assessments.


  • Input ad hoc or scheduled water hygiene checks and inspections in accordance with HSG 274, ACoP L8 and HT04-01.
  • Native Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Immediate alerts with warnings, failures and remedials.
  • Ability to add supporting comments and/or photos.


  • Create scheduled, fully customisable form-based water Risk Assessments using pre-populated commentary, auto fill fields, pictures, co-ordinates, graphics, signatures etc.
  • Complete detailed surveys, inspections and audits using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Save documents as drafts or submit to a colleague or line manager for review and quality assurance.
  • Submit surveys to the ZetaSafe cloud, where actions can be prioritised and escalated directly to the ZetaSafe dashboard and online reporting suite.
  • Redeploy forms back to the mobile app for re-inspection and edits.
  • Risk Assessment recommendation and actions automatically synchronised to the ZetaSafe dashboard for management, escalation and tracking.

All data collected via ZetaMobile and ZetaSurvey is seamlessly synchronised with the ZetaSafe dashboard for complete visibility of your water hygiene compliance.

Input & manage ALL areas of water compliance in one place

Water Temperature Monitoring, Digital Risk Assessment, POU Filter Management, Water Treatment Chemistry, Boiler & Cooling Tower Chemistry, Flushing Regimes, Effluent Treatment Management & Monitoring, Microbiological Monitoring, Tank & Showerhead Descaling & Disinfection, Remedial Actions and IoT Sensors.

ZetaSafe connects with many trusted applications through seamless integration. Explore ZetaSafe’s Ecosystem here.

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